Thursday, March 27, 2014


Here's a roundup of crimes reported across eastern Montgomery County on March 24, according to crime data:

Disorderly conduct. Einstein High School (Wheaton).

Vehicle burglary. 1300 block Spring Street (downtown Silver Spring).

Drug arrest. Kennett Street and Newell Street (downtown Silver Spring).

Drug arrest. Veirs Mill Road and University Boulevard W. (Wheaton).

Drug arrest. CVS Pharmacy, 11190 Veirs Mill Road.

Theft. JC Penney and Target at Wheaton Plaza.

Vehicle burglary. Parking Garage 2, 1200 Spring Street (downtown Silver Spring).

Vehicle burglary. 8700 block Cameron Street (downtown Silver Spring).

Vehicle burglary. 8100 block Georgia Avenue.

Drug arrest. 4000 block Samson Avenue (Wheaton).

Burglary. 8800 block Colesville Road (downtown Silver Spring).

Liquor arrest. Silver Spring Avenue at Fenton Street (downtown Silver Spring).

Liquor arrest. Fenton Street at Thayer Avenue (downtown Silver Spring).

Burglary. 800 block Sligo Avenue (downtown Silver Spring).

Drug arrest. 10400 block Julep Avenue (Wheaton).

Vehicle burglary. 11600 block Leesborough Circle (Wheaton).

Burglary. 11100 block Luttrell Lane (Wheaton).

Drug arrest. 12700 block Veirs Mill Road (Aspen Hill).

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