Friday, July 31, 2015

Historic Wheaton Recreation Center (a.k.a. Wheaton Youth Center) to close forever in March 2016

The future Wheaton Library
and Recreation Center, expected
to open in 2018
As Montgomery County gears up to build a new Wheaton Library and Recreation Center at Georgia and Arcola Avenues, the county's Recreation Department has announced the closing date of the current rec center (located on the next block north). The Wheaton Recreation Center will close permanently on March 28, 2016.

Demolition of the historic structure, known as the Wheaton Youth Center in its golden age, will begin in late summer, the department says.

While the building is most generally known for the many recreation and artistic activities it offered over many decades, it has gained additional notoriety for the longstanding question of whether or not Led Zeppelin played there.

One can reach their own conclusion on that question, whether or not they support demolition of the building. In my own opinion, I think there's a strong case to conclude the band indeed played at the Wheaton Youth Center. The general public in America had no clue who Led Zeppelin were at the time they allegedly performed there. And the building played host to other rock legends whose careers have long outlived Zeppelin's - including Rod Stewart and Alice Cooper. With rock royalty like that "in the house," how does one find it impossible to believe Led Zeppelin Played Here?

Hopefully the contributions the rec center made to the Wheaton community can be formally memorialized in some way going forward.

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