Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Takoma Park to study community-police relations

Takoma Park is preparing to hire a consultant to study community-police relations in the city. The Mayor and Council set aside $10,000 in the FY-2016 budget for this purpose, and last night they discussed the Request for Proposals that will be issued in the search for the consultant.

"We're not Ferguson, Missouri," Councilmember Terry Seamens noted at the outset of the discussion. "I have full confidence" in the Takoma Park Police Department, he added. Seamens said it would be important to hire a consultant "familiar with progressive police strategies."

Councilmember Jarrett Smith suggesting ensuring the consultant was familiar with diverse communities such as Takoma Park has, as well as locales where multifamily housing are prevalent. A "cookie cutter" approach laid over Takoma Park wouldn't work, Smith argued.

The study should also provide solid metrics the city can use to track progress on whatever concerns are raised by the final report, Councilmember Tim Male said.

City Manager Suzanne Ludlow said she hopes to draft and publicize the RFP during the Council break in August, once the edits to the draft suggested by the Mayor and Council are made.

Photo courtesy City of Takoma Park

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