Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First signs of Dave and Buster's at Ellsworth Place in Silver Spring (Photos)

The massive future home of Dave and Buster's awaits build-out of what can arguably be described as the most anticipated business opening in downtown Silver Spring, inside the under-renovation Ellsworth Place mall. Elevator directories inside the mall now display "Dave and Buster's" among the choices for various levels in the retail center.

When Dave and Buster's opens, it will cement downtown Silver Spring's position as the most appealing destination for millennials in Montgomery County. With chart-topping acts performing at The Fillmore almost nightly, two movie theaters in walking distance, and the many dining options, downtown Silver Spring will soon be the place to be after business hours. It's hard to think of another urban district in the County that will offer this range of entertainment options.


  1. "downtown Silver Spring will soon be the place to be after business hours."

    Personally, I think it surpassed Bethesda re: entertainment options about 3-5 years ago. Granted, that's obviously a subjective judgement everyone makes for themselves.

  2. Agreed. Silver Spring has surpassed Bethesda in arts & entertainment.
    Dave & Busters will be another new option.

    It feels like the county has taken their eye off the ball in Bethesda. It's really lacking. Meanwhile, Silver Spring is much more vibrant.

  3. I think Bethesda is fine, but bland thanks in large part to the rent prices. Generally, chains are the only ones able to afford the area. Similar to Ellsworth in Silver Spring, except in Bethesda the stiflingly high rent stretches over a much wider swath town.

  4. The Wheaton-Silver Spring corridor will be the lifeline that saves Montgomery County. Millinials gravitate to the diversity of the area, not only in terms of food and entertainment options, but also diversity of the people there: ethically, economically, and every other aspect.