Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Silver Spring construction update: Rite Aid (Photos)

The new Rite Aid at 8701 Georgia Avenue is still under construction. I'm surprised it's still not completed by now, considering I wrote about it back in September when it was behind a white construction wall.

Whenever it gets done, this has to be a bonus perk for residents of The Premier apartment building, which is right next door to this, the Zalco Building.


  1. As you can kind of see in the Sept photo, the entire floor was demolished and reconfigured, including a complete re-do of the exterior facade. I'm actually surprised how quickly the work's coming along considering the time of year/holidays.

  2. Not just a boon for residents of The Premier next door, but for the thousands of other people who work/live within a few blocks. Until now, we had to walk/drive to the CVS by Whole Foods or Giant or the Rite Aid on E-W Hwy and Colesville. This one is SUPER convenient. I wonder if they moved forward on this location because the other Rite-Aid site is proposed to be redeveloped with a 22 story residential tower in the next few years.