Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Silver Spring construction update: Downtown Silver Spring staircase (Photos)

The renovation of the staircase at the Peterson Cos.' Downtown Silver Spring development has made a lot of progress. You can see the art has been installed along the railings, and the new stairs (the old ones were destroyed in my last update) are in place. The renovation was required after an inspection determined the existing stairs had deteriorated to the point of being unsafe - the tiling, in particular.


  1. I appreciate the reportage you do for a part of the county that needs it. But after all this time, I have to ask - what's with the crazy-glowing-apocalypse-HDR skies in all of your photos?

    1. I see what you did there. Reportage. Like your silly signage posts.
      It's called cloudy/stormy skies. You should get out more.

      Looks good so far.

    2. Those posts aren't mine. You really think those glowing buildings look normal? Those skies aren't from any part of this planet that I've been to. I know what over-processed HDR photos look like.