Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Patricia Fenati launches campaign for District 14 delegate

Patricia Fenati, a resident of Damascus, launched her campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates from District 14 last night at Argyle Country Club. District 14 covers the northeastern area of Montgomery County from Damascus to Burtonsville, and includes Calverton, Colesville, Cloverly, Fairland, Olney, Ashton, Sandy Spring, Brookeville and Laytonsville.

Fenati pledged to focus on ending gerrymandering of voting districts in the state and county, job creation, education, and the environment. She noted that the current district boundaries give some communities in District 14 very little say in the outcome of elections for County Council and the General Assembly. Fenati also supports the transportation plan proposed by Gov. Larry Hogan, which would greatly rely on private, rather than taxpayer, funds to accomplish.

No other Republicans have filed for the District 14 delegate race as of this morning. On the Democratic side, only three candidates have filed - Anne Kaiser, Eric Luedtke, and Pamela Queen.

Photo courtesy Patricia Fenati

1 comment:

  1. Weird how Dyer reports her party affiliation, at the very end of the article:

    "No other Republicans have filed for the District 14 delegate race as of this morning."

    On Fenati's own website:

    "Maryland Representative to the RNC"

    "Author of Let Trump be Trump"

    But it's weird how she uses a blue sign in Dyer's photo.