Friday, April 5, 2013


Fifty employees of the Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission staged a protest at yesterday's HOC Commission meeting. According to the DC AFL-CIO, the workers were protesting the layoffs of 10 HOC employees.

Carlos Mellott, field representative for UFCW Local 1994, said the "inspectors are key to completing the work of the HOC. They inspect properties to ensure that they're adequately maintained and safe for residents. They have developed strong relationships with landlords and residents in the area. Not only is this a loss for HOC, it's an erosion of the quality of housing and services provided to Montgomery County's low income families."

Reportedly, the jobs are being subcontracted to the private sector. The county is facing a large budget deficit, but recently created several new executive-level positions with 6-figure salaries.

I thought this news was particularly timely, given tenant complaints regarding Charter House in Silver Spring at a recent County Council town hall meeting.

Photo submitted by Carlos Mellott:

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