Thursday, May 11, 2017

Silver Spring construction update: Studio Plaza (Photos)

Two tower cranes have been erected at the Studio Plaza construction site, which will eventually be addressed as 916 Thayer Avenue. Studio Plaza may get a new name, as well, as developer Fairfield Residential's website says the final name of the development is "pending." The site lists Summer 2018 as the opening date, although a sidewalk closure permit on-site says the sidewalk won't reopen until May 2019.

Whatever it's ultimately called, Studio Plaza will hold 415 residential units, 15% of which will be affordable. It will also boast 10,500 SF of retail, and 35100 SF of public space, including a green plaza, a through-block walk and public art displays. The building design is by WDG Architects.


  1. Great pics. Thx 4 this update. The 15% affordable, do I know what program? HUD Section8? Or MoCk's Mpdu? An HOC voucher?

    1. I think it's mostly mpdus, but there's some system where HOC gets a first crack at a certain percentage of the units for even lower income people.