Thursday, December 14, 2017

More details on new Lindsay Ford dealership in Aspen Hill (Photos)

Lindsay Ford's proposed auto dealership at 4115 Aspen Hill Road will include a two-story, 30' tall, 95000 SF main building. The former BAE building on the property will be demolished down to the slab foundation, and then rebuilt as the dealership structure.
Truck traffic circulation plan;
trucks enter from Connecticut Avenue
A vehicle circulation plan submitted by Lindsay Ford shows auto rack trucks delivering cars, and other trucks delivering things like auto parts, using a shared curb cut north of the property off of Connecticut Avenue, rather than the main Aspen Hill Road entrance.

According to a traffic analysis submitted by Lindsay, the dealership will generate 143 incoming vehicles and 47 outgoing trips during the peak hour of the morning rush. During the peak hour of the evening rush, 155 vehicles are estimated to be exiting the dealership, and 104 arriving. Because these numbers are less than for an office use, Lindsay's traffic firm says no traffic study is required.


  1. Thanks for the post. Did they say anything about timeline?

  2. What a bummer. Poor Aspen Hill.

  3. shame...instead of Walmart, we get a useless car dealership...