Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New beer and wine store coming to Norbeck Road

Beer, Wine & More is coming soon to 4007-BB Norbeck Road. The 1100 SF store will sell beer, wine, tobacco products, general merchandise, and have a deli section. It will be open daily from 9:00 AM to midnight, and the owner expects to open in March.


  1. What's it replacing? Are Big Greek and Full On still there?

  2. It is definitely replacing Chicken Basket. Both Big Greek and Full On are still there. However, it's strange that they're putting a Beer store in when there is already one in there at 4011-B Norbeck Road. Why would they need two in essentially the same shopping center?

    1. I cant imagine why. It's going to be about the same size so unless their selection is catering to a different audience I dont see how it will work. At least across the street they have parking.