Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hug a tree on Piney Branch Road as Purple Line tree removal to begin March 18

Montgomery County cartel chainsaws will fire up on Piney Branch Road beginning "on or about" March 18, 2019 to cut down trees for the Purple Line light rail project. The trees being removed are located between Garland Avenue and Barron Street. Tree removal will take place between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays and weekends, Purple Line Transit Partners says.


  1. "Montgomery County cartel chainsaws"

    You get dumber and crazier with every post.

    For one thing, the MTA is a state agency, not a county agency.

    Substitute "Hogan's Heroes"

    1. 5:33: Hogan didn't even want to build the Purple Line. It's a MoCo project all the way.

    2. Actually more than half of it is in Prince George's County. Hogan signed off on it and broke ground for it.

    3. "Hogan didn't even want to build the Purple Line"

      What? Hogan's many comments tell a very different story and the state of Maryland has committed far more funding to the line than the county.

      It's the Red Line in Baltimore that Hogan didn't want to build.

    4. 1:20: Hogan opposed it, then flipped after being badgered by criminals while weakened by cancer treatment. Do you not realize that most of Maryland's money comes from income taxes in Montgomery and Howard counties? That our money.

      Ironically, the Red Line was a better project than the Purple Line.

    5. How much of that that income tax money comes from you?

    6. 2:10: Much more than from you, hobo.