Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Why has the AFI Silver Theatre marquee gone dark?

Anyone passing by the historic AFI Silver Theatre the past couple of weeks has probably noticed its landmark marquee has gone dark. The movie theater says the scrolling marquee stopped working, and is in need of repair. It should be running again "soon." Which is good news, because it just doesn't seem like downtown Silver Spring without the AFI Silver marquee telling us about all of the coming attractions.


  1. I blame the closure of Regal in Bethesda.

  2. I love these reports!

  3. That sucks considering it was an expensive, fairly recent upgrade. Hopefully it's a fairly easy fix or is covered under warranty.

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    1. 8:31pm you don't spend time in DTSS, so of course you don't care.

  5. Probably related to the big blue lightbulb in the Chase in Bethesda. Now that they turned that one off, maybe the Silver's bulb will be shining at its full brightness tonight.