Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Starbucks now open at Thayer Avenue Safeway in Silver Spring

Starbucks is now open at the Safeway at 909 Thayer Avenue in downtown Silver Spring. The sign replaces the old Signature Cafe sign on the front of the store. Speaking of the front of the store, the renovation announced a year ago still is not finished. They are currently working on the facade above the front windows at this point.


  1. I'll never understand why Safeway is still just sitting on this crappy, small store when the redevelopment potential is just staring them in the face. Maybe they only take on one project at a time and SS will finally get done now that Capitol Hill is wrapping up. But seriously, how the heck did Wheaton get redeveloped a decade+ before dtss??

  2. Be careful what you wish for. IMHO the Wheaton Safeway isn't "all that" as the young kids say. It's great that it's open 24 hrs. However I'm not keen on the fact that there is no above-ground parking. Plus it generally seems understaffed to me.

  3. This Safeway needs all the help it can get! I only go there because it's a block away from my apartment. What they really need to do is get rid of the homeless guy who parks himself right in front of the main door asking for money. 6 feet dude, come on!!!!