Thursday, November 17, 2022

Olney Starbucks engages in Red Cup Rebellion

Today is what is usually an eagerly-awaited annual event for Starbucks fans: Red Cup Day. A free, reusable holiday Starbucks cup has become a new tradition of sorts. Something else new on the horizon for the Starbucks company are aggressive efforts to unionize its stores across America. The Olney Starbucks store at 16806 Georgia Avenue is one where workers were successful in establishing a union this year, but then faced the challenge of trying to negotiate an actual labor agreement with Starbucks. As a result, today the Olney store's workers are participating in the nationwide Red Cup Rebellion.

The Red Cup Rebellion is a strike by workers at unionized Starbucks stores today. Workers are demanding that Starbucks stop short staffing stores, and sit down at the bargaining table with union representatives to negotiate labor agreements.

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