Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tastee Diner closes in Silver Spring

Tastee Diner abruptly closed forever yesterday at 8601 Cameron Street in downtown Silver Spring. It had been open since 1935. According to a press release from developer Roadside Development, the firm has acquired the diner site and an adjacent property. 

Roadside claims it will somehow incorporate the diner car into the future development it is planning. But the firm has little choice in that matter. As a historic structure, the diner car cannot be demolished. It can, however, be moved. It was moved once before, and Montgomery County allowed Community Paint & Hardware - believed to be the only remaining 19th-century commercial building in downtown Bethesda - to be moved to a County-owned parking lot in August of 2017.

Tastee Diner's Bethesda and Laurel locations remain open for business.

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