Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Developer proposes 5 homes around Wheaton Woods Pool in Aspen Hill (Photos)

Developer Sitka Properties, LLC is asking the Montgomery County Planning Board to subdivide the property surrounding Wheaton Woods Pool into 5 lots for single-family homes. The homes would be located on a new cul-de-sac extension of Landgreen Street, off of Marianna Drive. A sixth lot containing the existing community pool would be created, as well.

The applicant is seeking an exception that would allow the new block of Landgreen Street to be only 44' wide, rather than the 60' width the rest of the road currently has. It has also requested a waiver from upgrading existing offsite sidewalks around the property. Planning staff are supporting the former, and rejecting the latter. So the developer will have to improve the existing sidewalk on the south side of Landgreen, between the site and Marianna Drive. It will be widened to 5'.

An existing storage building at the pool will be removed from the site, according to the staff report. The developer will have to make a school payment at the middle and high school levels, due to current overcrowding in the Wheaton High School cluster.

Planning staff say they have received no complaints about the project so far from nearby residents. However, the minutes from a public meeting on the development show that attendees did raise concerns about the adequacy of existing stormwater management infrastructure in particular, as well as screening and setbacks.

Construction is expected to begin this fall, should the plans be approved on schedule.

The project is considered to be compatible with the existing single-family home character of the surrounding neighborhood. Staff is recommending the Board approve the preliminary plan with conditions.

The Board will take up the Wheaton Woods proposal at its February 25 meeting.


  1. A note: the northernmost point of that triangular property contains the remnant of an old 30-foot-wide road which existed back when this was mostly the property of one George H Earle, Jr. That road ran along that westernmost boundary of the pool lot property. I seem to recall that for years it was discussed to block off that corner of the property with a fence, and it could not be done because the original deeds mentioned the road and you couldn't move the road nor its markers, and in any case, since the community was built, children walked to and from school through that gap. Probably the do this in the current day and they may also travel through properties right around that northern point. This is yet another thing to be considered as every last bit of remaining space is filled in, in the County in general and Aspen Hill in particular.

  2. Yes, I remember that road / cut through. We used to walk through there when walking from Brookhaven Elementary school on the way to the pool. At lot of kids used to walk to school and home on that route, as least they did "back in the day.

  3. Months later, Robert, is there any more news on this matter?

  4. The Preliminary Plan was approved (with conditions) at the Feb 25, 2016 meeting.