Thursday, February 4, 2016

First look: AMC Theatres Wheaton 9 at Wheaton Plaza (Photos)

Here are some very nice renderings of what the future AMC Theatres Wheaton 9 cineplex will look like when it's finished. The building used to house the venerable Montgomery Royal Theaters.

Also debuting in this structure's upper level, will be two other great additions to Westfield Wheaton Plaza - Bar Louie, and Olive Garden.
Renderings courtesy Ragona Architecture & Design
All rights reserved


  1. Seems like the theater is coming in Spring 2016 ( Any idea about the other venues?

  2. Can't wait. I am tired of driving to SS or Rockville to watch a movie..

  3. This is an exciting addition to our Downtown Wheaton community; awesome! I appreciate that the Olive Garden will add some diversity for our local folks and that joining us in Wheaton didn't come at the cost of one of our small local businesses. We REALLY needed a movie theater again; this is certainly something for us to celebrate!

  4. OK, I'm not trying to be excessively contrarian but Olive Garden represents diversity? Fortunately, downtown Wheaton has enough truly great and unique restaurants that it shouldn't be a problem.

    1. Yes, OG does represent diversity. Everyone talks about how diversified Wheaton eating establishments are...but really, the majority are either Asian or Hispanic cuisine. The only place serving "Italian" food is the phone booth sized "Christina's" where the food is so-so and the prices are high. Wheaton loses tons of dollars every day when residents drive to other locals to get the food diversity they crave. We could also use a Silver Diner, a good BBQ joint, and a reasonably priced steak house (the one that opened recently requires a bank loan to afford!!!

  5. I'm trying to remember how many theaters or multiplexes I have seen come and go at Wheaton Plaza... quite a few. There was the original, then the double, then the first multiplex actually in the mall... heh...

    So the Royal finally gave up the ghost, eh? Hell, I remember seeing maybe the second Star Trek movie there, back when it was new and shiny. I'm going to say maybe 1985 or so.