Monday, July 25, 2016

Amazon Locker arrives in Silver Spring, Long Branch, Wheaton/Glenmont, Takoma Park, Olney

Amazon Locker has arrived in Montgomery County at last, and Silver Spring has one of the first locations. Here are photos from the new Amazon Locker in the 7-Eleven at 7980 Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring.

You can also find Amazon Locker in Long Branch at the Bestway supermarket at 8540 Piney Branch Road, 7-Eleven in Takoma Park at 900 Merrimac Drive, at the Shoppers Food Warehouse at 6881 New Hampshire Avenue, at the Shoppers in Glenmont at 2201 Randolph Road, and in Olney at the Shoppers at 18140 Village Center Drive.

What is Amazon Locker? You can have your order shipped to an Amazon Locker location near you. Your package(s) will arrive at that location, and you will receive an email notification with an access code that will open your locker. If you do not pick up your order within 3 days, it will be returned to Amazon.

If you live in a building where you have difficulty receiving your packages, this can really come in handy.


  1. Thanks for the post but your implication "at last" is incorrect and your list of a half dozen locations is incomplete. There are some 15 Amazon Locker locations in MoCo. See

  2. They haven't had lockers in MoCo before. This is new. They were in northern Va, such as Arlington, but not on the Maryland side.

    1. The lockers have been at Shoppers for months, at least. "New" must be a relative term?

  3. I'm aware there are lockers elsewhere, but they're not relevant to people in the east county. For a long time, these were only in Virginia, and I think many people would be interested to know they are here now.

    Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle for this news source serving eastern Montgomery County daily.

    1. Uhhh...I don't see any cursing (or darkness, for that matter) here. The facts as presented in the post were incomplete and not necessarily new.

      I live in east county, and I alone get to decide what's relevant to me, so I dare say you've overstepped there. In fact, I initially thought this post would be relevant, until I read it and discovered it to be misrepresented and incomplete.

      You needn't be so easily offended when presented with corrections, sir. By running a public blog, you invite community input, and shouldn't look at such input as personal criticism.

      For Pete's sake, we're talking about Amazon. Tone it down.

  4. There are 2 7-11 in downtown silver spring
    [plus the one on fenton avenue @ sligo avenue across from greyhound bus station;
    as well as the one on georgia avenue just before the dc line across from montg college and by 13th street and cheap motels;
    and the one next to mcdonalds on colesville road]. Could you specify which 7-11 will have the amazon locker? The one at georgia/wayne avenues next to subway or the one on colesville road as those 2 are truly in the SS downtown IMO.

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