Thursday, December 29, 2016

A.G. Kitchen hits the road in Silver Spring (Photos)

A.G. Kitchen, the short-lived Silver Spring offshoot of celebrity chef Alex Garcia's New York City flagship restaurant, closed last weekend. On Wednesday, a team from the Big Apple emptied out the restaurant's interior. A graffiti-spattered truck and a U-Haul were among the vehicles helping. Two men engaged in a veritable ballet with what appeared to be a bison head.
Entire contents to be

Stay classy

The excitement mounts

Hey! That's my chair!
What is it? A bison
head? A mascot costume?

Whatever it is, here it goes

Passersby are gripped
by the bison ballet

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  1. Their facebook site confirms another concept is on its way, so I guess they're still involved in whatever the replacement will be. Garcia is involved in a couple different wine bars in NYC, so maybe they'll go in that direction. Though Urban Winery is only a couple blocks away.