Monday, August 14, 2017

Silver Spring construction update: Aldi (Photos)

The Montgomery County grocery showdown of the century is coming to Montgomery Hills. German grocery chain Aldi is currently converting the Staples at 9440 Georgia Avenue into a gleaming new Aldi store. Meanwhile, community favorite Snider's Super Foods is right across Seminary Road from the future Aldi.

In theory, there should be room for both stores to coexist. While the American consumer is often depicted as placing price above all factors, Aldi by nature stocks far less product than you find in the typical Giant or Safeway. So even some basic items will still only be available at Snider's, while the venerable store will also retain the advantage of its many specialty items. Snider's also carries several private brands of its own.

Aldi is currently hiring; there are application forms and a box to deposit them in at the construction site.


  1. I do most of my grocery shopping at Aldis in Bel Pre but still need to visit Shopper's to pick up items not sold at Aldis. So you are correct, there is room for both grocery stores.

  2. This sounds more like an ad for both Aldi's and Snyder's, rather than an actual "construction update".

  3. Snider's outlasted the Safeway which predated Staples in the same spot, so they should be able to withstand Aldi.