Monday, August 21, 2017

Wheaton redevelopment update

Worker installing geothermal tubing
at Lot 13 on Friday
The early work on the future Montgomery County office building and town square on Lot 13 near the Wheaton Metro station continues. 112 of the 150 geothermal boreholes are now dug, which will play a role in powering the building. Contractor Allied Drilling has a special crew on-site now to install geothermal U-bends, and grouting already-drilled wells.

16 deep water wells were completed last week; they will help keep groundwater away from the foundation site until the concrete can be successfully poured.

Ahead of the expected start of excavation in September, the equipment and materials for a Support of Excavation System are expected to arrive at the site this week. Two large drill rigs will drill down and place 75'-long piles around the perimeter of the site. Three weeks from now, they expect to have installed 126 of these steel piles.

In yet another deep drilling operation, 7 inclinometer stations will be installed around the site. These stations will monitor subsurface movements, and the stability of slopes and embankments for collapse. You will see these around the site as small manholes in the ground, but they are very important for safety purposes.

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