Monday, July 8, 2019

19-story cell tower proposed for Good Hope Road in Silver Spring

AT&T is proposing to construct and operate a 189' tall cell tower at 14860 Good Hope Road in Silver Spring. In addition to the tower, AT&T plans to also build a structure at ground level to house equipment, and an access road from Good Hope Road to the interior of the property. The property is a wooded lot between Briggs Chaney Road and Windmill Lane, and behind homes on Lear Lane and Goth Lane.


  1. Let's do it! Burtonsville needs to be included in any plan to offer enhanced coverage.

  2. Good Hope Estates civic association successfullly fought against the building of a similar tower at the Mosque property in the early 2000’s. This action was extremely short-sighted and left Good Hope Estates and the surrounding area with extremely poor coverage. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.