Wednesday, May 27, 2020

30 workers have tested positive for coronavirus at Wheaton Triangle construction site

Thirty cases of coronavirus among workers have complicated the final stages of construction of a Montgomery County government building at Lot 13 in the Wheaton Triangle, according to officials at the County Department of Transportation. Completion of the project has already slipped to next month from the original May 2020 projected date for "substantial completion."

The Town Square portion of the project is scheduled to be completed by next week, however. Completion of the square's performance stage and bioretention plantings are the final tasks.

MCDOT says that contractor Clark Construction now has two COVID-19 monitors on-site whose main task is to supervise that masks are worn and social distancing is practiced. There are now two entrances to the job site, where each employee is asked three COVID-19 questions when they arrive for work. And Clark has also hired a full-time cleaning staff to continuously disinfect surfaces and equipment.


  1. Really nice looking building; well done MoCo for not going cookie-cutter or value engineered. Too bad Buzzuto pulled out of building the residential half. Hopefully the county can find another interested developer whenever the recession ends. Wheaton needs two dozen more buildings like this.

  2. buzzuto was bait and switch from the beginning. they just wanted the plot the silver spring and made promises they knew wouldn't pan out in Wheaton. Its a travesty that the Council (and pretty much everyone else) kept quiet...but as usual, Wheaton was ditched.