Monday, November 30, 2015

Unique Christmas tree lights up downtown Silver Spring (Photos)

While every town center around seems to have a Christmas tree, the one in downtown Silver Spring brings its own unique brand of holiday decor. It celebrates the role that food plays during the holidays.

Look closely, and you'll notice those aren't ordinary ornaments decorating the tree. First of all, the ornaments are inside the tree, not hanging on the outer limbs like usual. Artists Karl Unnasch and Jon Taylor say that is to represent "a full pantry."

Snowflakes and stars are made from silver utensils, classic takeout containers become lanterns, and bowls, platters and cups become holiday designs.

You can make a donation to Manna Food Center at the tree, and find out more about deals at local downtown Silver Spring restaurants and businesses, in a celebration they're calling Foodie Festivus.

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