Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Next phases of Glenmont Metrocentre headed to Planning Board (Photos)

The phased demolition and redevelopment of the venerable Privacy World garden apartments will take another step forward on December 10. That's when the Montgomery County Planning Board is scheduled to vote on a plan that would add 260 residential units, and up to 4000 square feet of retail, to the site, which is now known as Glenmont Metrocentre. A new road would be added that would also take remaining Privacy World residents back to 3 garden apartment buildings that will still stand a while longer.

Planning staff are recommending approval of the plan, which includes 33 affordable housing units, and as many as 46 townhouses. The four buildings and parking areas that will be demolished to make room for all of this will have to be gone by September 26, 2020 in order for building permits to be issued.
Buildings within the red
lines will come down in
two phases, along with
their parking lots
A new street, Auden Drive, will provide access to the townhome community, and residents will access parking via Klee Alley. Macaulay Street is a second new street, between Auden and the existing Glenallen Drive, that will give apartment residents access to the new multifamily residential building. There will also be open recreational space.

The apartment building will be 85' tall.
Detail of stream at northwest
corner of Privacy World site;
the development was known for
its ample green space and
well-manicured grounds
Privacy World contained 582 linear feet of stream, .13 acres of wetlands and 2.9 acres of High Priority Forest.

Interestingly, regarding the garden apartments that will remain through these next 2 phases of construction, the planners' report notes that " the current tenants in these buildings...have not been notified of the pending development plans due to the Applicant’s contract with the current property owner."

The County Department of Transportation is recommending restricted turns and a center refuge island for the intersection of the new entrance road at Glenallen Avenue. MCDOT also notes that the on-street parking planners recommended for Glenallen is not feasible, as Glenallen is classified as an arterial road. Limited hours street parking, or recessed street spaces requiring the developer to dedicate another 8' along Glenallen are proposed as compromises by MCDOT, with the former requiring a traffic study.

Glenmont Metrocentre, as the name suggests, is directly adjacent to the Glenmont Metro station.

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