Friday, April 1, 2016

State will contribute $75,000 to Maydale Nature Center project in Silver Spring

To follow up on last week's report on the reopening of the Maydale Nature Center in Silver Spring, Montgomery County Councilmember Tom Hucker - who sponsored the Council measure to reopen it - reports that the project has just secured $75,000 in Maryland state bond funding. The money will go toward acquisition, design and construction costs.

Delegate Eric Luedtke and Senator Craig Zucker were the sponsors of the bond bill in Annapolis.

The existing nature center at 1638 Maydale Drive fell into disrepair by 2007. It was determined by the Parks Department that renovation of the structure was not feasible. How the building was allowed to decline without oversight is unclear, but the building is 70 years old.

Construction of the new facility is expected to begin a year from now, and be completed by April 2018. The design phase will begin this July.


  1. Boring.
    More interesting stories from this week include:
    SilverCycle opened
    Michaels opened
    Footlocker opened
    Kung Fu Tea, Shoe City, and Rue21 have pending deals to join Ellsworth Place
    McGinty's is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a series of events and specials this weekend
    Jackie's and Sidebar closed on Wednesday
    The weekly Freshfarm market expands in size starting this weekend to include space in Vet. Plaza.

    And that's just off the top of my head for dtss.

  2. Agree,the blog has gone down hill lately. It just summarizes existing stories. I liked it the most when Robert wrote riginal blogs about new developments and happenings in wheaton. Nice blog would be about the progress on the Glenmont Fire Station, Intersection of Georgia and Randolph, more updates about AVA Wheaton, the massive construction at Wheaton Mall, new stores at the mall, etc.

  3. Hi Rob, despite the two anonymous posters above, I appreciate you sharing this story about Maydale. I and several other community representatives have been fighting very hard over the past few months to get the Maydale Nature Center re-opened for East County. I've testified at public hearings, met with councilmembers, and started a email petition campaign at

    This is not just about having a nice park for our community but it's an issue of equity. The County is investing millions of dollars on parks in Bethesda, Germantown, Clarksburg, and Rockville but has neglected the Easternmost part of the County for a decade by letting the Maydale Nature Center fall into disrepair. From 1994-2007, the center served 50,000 MCPS students (~4,000 a year). 53% of the children in the 7 nearest elementary schools to Maydale receive free and reduced meals, and 90% are non-white. These students need a nearby nature center with environmental education programs because unlike children in West County, their parents are less likely to be able to go on a weekend or afternoon walk through the parks, which is why it is important for the County to provide this critical service.

    Thank you for maintaining this blog and don't pay any attention to the complainers who hide behind anonymous posts. Feel free to subscribe to our civic association's newsletter too at