Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Firefighters responded to new gas leak 911 call at Flower Branch Apartments Sunday

Montgomery County firefighters responded to a 911 caller Sunday, August 21, who reported smelling a gas leak in an apartment building around 6:00 PM at 8674 Piney Branch Road, part of the Flower Branch Apartments complex in Silver Spring. That is the same complex where a natural gas-related explosion and fire killed 7 people just 11 days earlier, on August 10.

Based on scanner reports, Paramedic Engine 716 and Truck 716 of the Four Corners substation of the Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Department responded. Paramedic Engine 701 also responded from the Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Department.

A firefighter radioed the dispatcher a short time later, and appeared to suggest having Washington Gas come out to the site, "due to the nature of this complex." There was no confirmation via radio that any gas leak was present. No further information about the incident was relayed via radio, and all three trucks were released back into service about an hour later.

Washington Gas has not responded to an inquiry for comment submitted to a spokesperson early Monday morning as of this writing Tuesday morning.

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