Friday, January 24, 2020

Temporary closure on ICC this weekend

Traffic alert: There will be a temporary closure along the ICC this weekend, as the Maryland Transportation Authority begins replacing the electronic tolling gantries with newer, updated ones. Closures are expected between January 24 and 27, 2020 and again next weekend. Follow the detours below this weekend and next.

Beginning at 9:00 PM tonight, Friday, January 24, and continuing until 5:00 AM on Monday, January 27, westbound traffic on the ICC/MD 200 will be detoured at New Hampshire Avenue (MD 650). The detour route will direct motorists north on New Hampshire Avenue to Norbeck Road, west to Layhill Road (MD 182) ,and south on Layhill Road back to westbound ICC/MD 200.

The following weekend, from 9:00 PM Friday, January 31, until 5:00 AM on Monday, February 3, eastbound ICC/MD 200 traffic will be detoured at Layhill Road (MD 182). The detour route will direct motorists north on Layhill Road to Norbeck Road, east on Norbeck Road to New Hampshire Avenue (MD 650) and south on New Hampshire Avenue back to eastbound ICC/MD 200.

Photo via MDTA


  1. are you removing comments? that's sad. the bar louie departure is a big deal as it leaves that whole corner (except that party store) of westfield wheaton empty. olive garden to save the day!

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  3. "After the County's anti-business policies and moribund economy - along with the County Council's failure to even negotiate to retain Discovery - led Discovery to relocate to greener pastures in Knoxville, Tennessee."

    This is false. Scripps acquired Discovery Channel. As part of the merger process, they consolidated Discovery Channel's back-office jobs to Scripps' existing headquarters near Knoxville. Discovery's programming and C-level jobs moved to Manhattan, not Knoxville.

    "This is a loss for businesses such as nearby restaurants in Wheaton where students would eat...the loss for Wheaton restaurants..."

    I love the way you try to find a cloud behind every single silver lining. Yet you fail to mention the fact that the school's District of Columbia campus is also being closed as part of this consolidation.

    1. Scripps acquired Discovery? LOL. You are greatly misinformed. It was the other way around.

      Discovery shows weren't produced or filmed in Silver Spring. Most of the office/operations in Silver Spring jobs went to TN.

      Your beloved County Council is, in fact, not perfect. In fact, they suck badly. Relax and accept reality.

    2. Robert Dyer: "It is also a FACT that Discovery moved the bulk of Silver Spring jobs to Knoxville, which was closer to the airport, had lower operating costs, and a more affordable cost-of-living for their employees."

      I love how you avoid mentioning that location is the existing Scripps headquarters.

      Also, as others have noted previously. McGhee Tyson Airport offers very limited service. Not only does it not offer any international flights, but it doesn't serve any airports west of Dallas or Denver.

    3. 10:59: The airport is much closer than any were to their old Silver Spring HQ, and serves their needs. The top execs are not in Knoxville.

      There's just no good way you can spin the loss of Discovery, nor your Council bosses' blunder in being too distracted by the circus animal question to hold onto it.

      That humiliation was only surpassed by the Amazon HQ2 failure, and old fashioned ass-whipping Tysons has applied to the White Flint of the MoCo cartel's prophecy.

    4. "The top execs are not in Knoxville."

      So why do you keep deleting comments noting that they went to high-tax Manhattan?

    5. 2:36: WTF? Hopefully you can stop moving the goalposts before kickoff tonight.

      The jobs went to Knoxville. A few suits at the top went to NYC. The bulk of work is in low-tax Tennessee. Your heroes on the Council were humiliated. Baba Booey.