Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Guitar Center officially confirmed as tenant at Ellsworth Place mall in Silver Spring

Ellsworth Place mall confirmed yesterday what readers of this blog have known since April: Guitar Center is the latest tenant to sign on at the revamped retail center in downtown Silver Spring.

The giant music store chain has signed a long-term lease for 14500 SF on Level 4, near the pedestrian bridge that connects to convenient parking in the public garage across the street.

“Guitar Center will add to this dynamic entertainment district, with The Fillmore Silver Spring directly across the street and a 40,980-square-foot Dave & Buster’s opening this fall on the top floor of Ellsworth Place,” Terry Richardson, president and COO of Petrie Richardson Ventures, the owner of the property, said in a statement Monday. “Our revamped retail center has undergone significant renovations to produce both an urban edge and modern feel. Guitar Center brings another eclectic experience to Ellsworth Place.”

Rockwood Capital is the co-owner and co-developer of the mall. In their press release, the mall owners also confirmed another new tenant, Shoe City. I first reported that addition on June 1.


  1. That's odd you're trying to claim credit for breaking the stories when I'm the one telling you about the openings from the comments sections of boring articles.

    1. "Boring"? You mean as opposed to the glossy mag that scrapes East County coverage off of Facebook and Dan Reed's Twitter account? Nobody "told me about the openings" of Olive Garden and Bar Louie, or about the closure of Flippin' Pizza; I investigated and found those myself. Hell, they didn't even mention Taste of Wheaton, much less that it was canceled. They didn't let you know about the developer tax cuts being proposed. If keeping the community informed is "boring," that's your opinion, but I think a lot of other people appreciate the coverage.

    2. I didn't say all your posts were boring, did I? I just said when you're running dry I try and throw you a few bones. It's weird to see you try and turn around and claim that you're the one finding these stores about, e.g. the Guitar Center and Shoe City lease signings, that's all.

  2. Grow up kids. I love this blog and love the recommendations in the comments section. I write many of them myself and I appreciate David for taking the time to write articles about them. After all, we are all full of ideas, but the who should get the credit is the one who actually does the work and writes the article.