Monday, June 27, 2016

Wheaton Lot 13 parking mitigation won't meet peak demand on Fridays, Saturdays (Photos)

A parking mitigation plan for the construction period of the Lot 13 project in Wheaton won't provide enough short-term parking to meet demand on weekends, a Montgomery County Department of Transportation presentation shows. While weekday mid-day demand will be amply met, at the peak demand times on Friday evenings and mid-day on Saturdays, there will not be enough short-term spaces.

The blue column is demand,
the green/white column is
space availability
The overall strategy is to convert nearby long-term parking to short-term spaces, to both provide parking for patrons of businesses, and to discourage construction-related parkers from filling those spaces.

One other questionable strategy appears to show on-street parking being created in the right, northbound lane of Georgia Avenue - at the height of the evening rush hour on Fridays. Are you kidding me? What is the already-jammed traffic there going to be like with one lane gone?

Images courtesy MCDOT


  1. What alternative do you suggest. Wheaton needs this development and we will put with a minor inconvenience in order to improve our overall Wheaton

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  3. I was at the meeting and a lot of participant express their disapproval of using Georgia avenue for parking.
    FYI Construction of Wheaton new downtown will begin in January 2017 before that they will start digging for Geothermal energy for the building.

  4. These are the types of short term sacrifices that occur for redevelopment to take place. I'm okay with this. Ww can'take let the perfect be the enemy. There is always something tjat will make somwone unhappy. Maybe they can cut a deal and let people park at the mall. Finally, something is happening!