Thursday, May 4, 2017

Real estate firm markets old Joe's Record Paradise in Silver Spring as a potential brewery

Bethesda-based real estate firm Streetsense is marketing the property that was formerly home to the venerable Joe's Record Paradise, at 8216 Georgia Avenue. Intriguingly, they are showing a sample image of the building transformed into a brewery. There is room for outdoor seating, as the rendering shows, and they also mention the high ceilings, which would make it easier to fit brewing equipment in.

I'm sure many in downtown Silver Spring would agree with this vision for the property, but we'll have to wait and see who ends up taking it over.

Rendering courtesy of Streetsense
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  1. Probably a vaping store, paint store, or some other useless store. Best case would be yet another ethiopian eatery (not knocking them since I love ethiopian food, but some variety might be nice). Who actually does zoning in DTSS anyways, there's almost no thought based on what opens up. I can count the number of quality bars/pubs on 3 fingers.