Monday, July 31, 2017

Demolition permit requested for Midcounty Services Center in Wheaton

Developer StonebridgeCarras has requested a demolition permit from Montgomery County for the Midcounty Regional Services Center, located at 2406 Reedie Drive in Wheaton. The building is being razed to make way for the new County office building and Town Square near the Wheaton Metro station.

I often lament the demise of this or that venerable building in Montgomery County, but this is hardly an architectural triumph even in my book. No one will confuse this with the Wheaton Youth Center.


  1. Will anything be done to preserve the mural on the outside wall on the East side of the building?

    1. Good question - I will have to inquire about that.

  2. Did you ever find out about the mural and possible preservation of it. My father's house appears on the mural. Metro took the home at 11811 Georgia Avenue and it appears that the mural will be gone too. How sad. The mural has so much history of the community. Shelley Graeves Mitek