Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tilted Kilt sign comes down at Wheaton Plaza, Famous Rotisserie and Grill opens

Tilted Kilt seems to be officially out of the picture at Wheaton Plaza. The restaurant's sign has been removed from the facade of the space where construction has been stalled for more than a year. The venture became bogged down in lawsuits and liens over that construction.

In other Wheaton Plaza news, Famous Rotisserie and Grill has opened in the food court next to Ruby Thai Kitchen. They still have no website, no Facebook, or any other social media presence I can find, certainly unusual for 2017.


  1. Famous Rotisserie and Grill doesn't seem very famous ....

  2. Wasn't Olive Garden also scheduled to make an appearance in Wheaton?

  3. I'd love to know the entire story behind the saga of Tilted Kilt's failure to launch in Wheaton. It seems to me like the concept would have worked in theory, since there is really nothing like it on this side of the county