Monday, July 2, 2018

Macdara's Grille opens in Wheaton

Macdara's Grille opened yesterday at 2405 Price Avenue in Wheaton. Their special grand opening celebration continues today. The first review posted on Yelp is a five-star review. You may know the owner from Flanagan's Harp & Fiddle in Bethesda.


  1. any interior pics?

  2. Good food but Macdara's uses a 2 server solution which is very uneven! There is a "serving assistant" that takes the orders, brings the drinks & bread. The "server" brings the meals. Since the server has no idea who ordered what there is an announcement of "WHO ORDERED.....". Very unprofessional!! My order was wrong to which the "serving assistant" admitted to although I told him 3 times to leave all the "stuff" off of my filet. I sent it back & was re-served my baked potato. A few minutes later I was served a new filet that was raw on the inside. I did not send it back again. If they can't get it right, at least it should have been right the second time!!

  3. That may have been the case when you went, but we were just there this evening and had the same person attend to us throughout the meal, from initial drink orders to the final check. Either they have changed their method of operation, or you just got them on a bad night. Judging from the date on your review, the place had just opened, and there are bound to be a few rough edges the first week or two.