Monday, July 23, 2018

Silver Spring construction update: Thayer & Spring (Photos)

The massive Thayer & Spring development has some facade work in place since my last update. A number of glass panels have been installed on the lower floors, as well. The building still presents as a Soviet apartment bloc form-wise, but if you look at the artist rendering at bottom, you'll see the final design breaks it up into the illusion of several smaller buildings. Will it work? We'll find out later this year. It remains one of the widest - if not the widest - single building under construction in Montgomery County.
When finished, the Fairfield Residential project will feature 415 units, 15% of which will be affordable. It will also boast 10,500 SF of retail, and 35100 SF of public space, including a green plaza, a through-block walkway, and public art displays.

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