Monday, July 2, 2018

Lewi Cafe to open July 9 in Silver Spring

Lewi Cafe will open next Monday, July 9, 2018, at 911 Bonifant Street in downtown Silver Spring. The cafe will offer a unique experience for coffee lovers, as the first U.S. farm-to-coffee cafe from Lewi Organic Coffee Farm in the Keffa province of Ethiopia.

Lewi describes the unique flavor of their Ethiopian coffee beans as complex, with "a pungent, winey quality and a distinct wildness in their acidity." You can see the cafe's menu below. Lewi Cafe is located in the ground floor of The Bonifant apartments, near the Silver Spring Library.


  1. The place will certainly do well once the Purple Line station 20 feet away opens. The question is whether construction in the interim will severely harm their foot traffic.

  2. hmm kefa cafe is just next door in the library. How do all these coffee shops not cannobolize 1 another?

    What is farmn to table coffee?