Monday, September 21, 2015

Silver Spring Transit Center opening day photo gallery

Its architecture may be Cold War Soviet Bloc chic, and your tax money will likely never be recovered for the design issues Montgomery County is blaming on contractors, but the Paul S. Sarbanes Silver Spring Transit Center finally opened yesterday. Sarbanes, now a retired former Senator, was laying low yesterday to be sure.

About the only real modern touch at the facility are the HD flatscreens with information for transit users. And on the top level, you'll find the old and the new - Montgomery County taxicabs share the deck with modern rideshare vehicles such as Enterprise.

Here are some scenes from the very first day of operations at the Transit Center:

Possibly appropriate
bus ad
Soviet Eastern Europe
wants its design back
This architectural style
is known as
Nouveau Concrete

Does this thing have
NFL Sunday Ticket?

It's holding so far...

Enterprise car share
on the roof

For more retro folks...

Still holding...

I'm a bike locker!
And I'm on the roof!
Enjoy the view from
the roof...
...and try to forget that
there are years of lawsuits
ahead over the Transit Center

Maybe they can put up a
nice building on this green space
to hide the Transit Center

Opening Day
souvenir brochure


  1. I think the plan is to put a 13 story high hotel or something on the green space.

    Its also a nice touch to put the bike lockers at the top of the building instead of ground level.

  2. "Maybe they can put up a
    nice building on this green space
    to hide the Transit Center"

    Yep, that's the point - to fit 2 or 3 highrises on the property. Unfortunately, Foulger-Pratt was supposed to be the developer of that project, so WMATA cancelled that agreement after everything clusterfudged. Hopefully a new RFP is issued by WMATA within the next couple months so shovels can hit the ground sometime this decade.

  3. "Maybe they can put up a
    nice building on this green space
    to hide the Transit Center."


    They can always hire a local artist to paint a grass mural along one of those concrete girders.

    If they feel guilty, they can set aside a 3" x 3" "courtyard" space and fit a Bonsai Forest. Now THAT'S Green.

    Alternatively, they can add a second 3' x 3' Bonsai Forest next to the bike rack on the roof and call it "Progressively Green."

    Of course, to fund the second forest, they may find the need to create an independent, autonomous agency with unlimited clipping power over all residential hedges. The ICA.