Monday, October 10, 2016

El Dollar Plus opens in Wheaton Triangle (Photos)

Here's a nice addition to the Wheaton Triangle: El Dollar Plus has opened at 11208 Grandview Avenue. The store is what it sounds like - a dollar store en espanol. Food, household items, school supplies, as well as some unique items you might not find at the typical chain dollar store.

El Dollar Plus is located under ZP Tax, at the corner of Grandview and Reedie Drive.


  1. ugh! truly a scar on the triangle!

  2. It's a cursed corner. Mark my word they will shut down soon. The area will start construction and with no parking and noise most business won't survive. The time has finally come for wheaton.

  3. a "nice addition"? seriously...

  4. Offers a lot of daily necessities.
    More useful on a daily basis than other retail uses.

  5. A Latin dollar store? Hopefully, this is just temporary until renovations are complete. We don't need Wheaton to become another Langley Park, which used to be a major commercial area.

    1. Agreed! Plus Greenhill owns more than 40 of 150 properties in downtown Wheaton including this one and I heard he's ready to redevelop once the redevelopment is completed. The days of this crappy shops are numbered...