Thursday, October 13, 2016

Max Cafeteria & Grill coming to Wheaton (Photos)

The new businesses are really popping up in the Wheaton Triangle. In addition to the just-opened El Dollar Plus store and future Pan Lourdes Bakery, there is also Max Cafeteria & Grill. The restaurant will be located in the Levin-Greenberg building, the same structure at Grandview Avenue and Reedie Drive that houses El Dollar Plus.

It looks like the build-out of the interior hasn't begun yet, so there's a ways to go before opening at Max Cafeteria. But it's interesting that so many businesses are opening ahead of the major redevelopment of Lot 13 in Wheaton Triangle. The construction and loss of parking are going to be a major challenge for all of the small businesses there for a couple of years.


  1. it's mc's desire for these shops to close. owners of the real estate to stress and sell so it can redevelop the entire area. problem with that is the traffic in this area. not the county's concern though, their primary focus is revenue!

    1. 1. redevelopment only creates revenue if it meets a demand.
      2. of course the county wants a healthy, vibrant tax base. You don't?

  2. Enough is enough. We are tired of all these crappy shops. Can't wait for redevelopment!

  3. That is great. Is this associated with the other Max's shop at University and Georgia?