Monday, February 6, 2017

First look: BBQ restaurant replacing A.G. Kitchen in Silver Spring (Photos)

The Restaurant Group promised it would replace its shuttered A.G. Kitchen at Downtown Silver Spring with a new concept. It turns out that concept is barbecue. Here's a sneak peek inside the new restaurant, which should be opening in the coming weeks. Bonus points if you can count how many pigs are displayed as part of the decor.

This will be the latest attempt to bring a real barbecue joint to Montgomery County, which BBQ aficionados who don't share my love of McDonald's McRib assure me we don't have yet.


  1. Hopefully they don't botch it like they did with AG Kitchen. And have a legit beer list/happy hour, please - none of the AG Kitchen Shocktop/Yuengling/Miller crap.

  2. Oh boy which = fail once again

  3. I'm not a cynic. Am I allowed to post here? Seems odd someone gets on about a happy hour/beer list for a BBQ place.

    Having a BBQ place in DTSS has been on the top of my wish list for some time. I do hope it's good. There is a fine line between good and bad when it comes to BBQ.

    1. Yes, the person hoping for better food/service/beer than AG Kitchen is totally out of dare s/he!