Monday, February 27, 2017

Last call at Quarry House Temporary in Silver Spring (Photos)

Last night was the last night at Quarry House Temporary in downtown Silver Spring. The town's highest-profile bar is about to begin a months-long move back to its old spot at 8401 Georgia Avenue, which was damaged by fire almost two years ago.

Their temporary spot across the street had been best known around the world as Piratz Tavern. As you can see, the original location of Quarry House Tavern is not on the verge of opening anytime soon.

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  1. According to QHT, another restaurant leased the space and that's why they have to move out. Their explanation included that "they haven't seen the menu yet, but the owner has a good reputation in the biz."

    In other news, the building next to the original QHT - 8411 Georgia - just caught fire 10 minutes ago, so there's that....