Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wheaton construction update: AVA Wheaton apartments (Photos)

It took Avalon Bay awhile to get going on the construction of the future AVA Wheaton apartments, but check out the tremendous progress they've made now that the pace has picked up. Located at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Blueridge Avenue, the residential-only building replaces a venerable bank and office development.

When will the AVA Wheaton deliver? Avalon Bay's AVA Wheaton website is promising a Spring 2017 opening, but WMATA's bus advisory for the Y2/Y7/Y8 routes say those buses' stop in front of the building isn't expected to reopen until August 31. Of course, first move-ins at buildings often occur prior to full completion of the project.

View of the AVA Wheaton
from the intersection where the
famous Anchor Inn once


  1. Those ground floor unit seem awfully close to the street. Not much privacy and the constant noise and strobe lights from passing traffic should make for interesting leasing.

  2. Thanks for the update Robert. Do you have any news when the construction of downtown Wheaton will begin? They keep pushing and put us in the dark. The latest I found is here
    Were you at the Veris mill BRTbmerting yesterday or anything you heard of. I wasn't able to attend due to family commitments but would love to hear about it.

    1. 9:51: I am checking on the downtown. I wouldn't worry about missing the initial meeting of a sector plan - I'm assuming they are going to have a charrette where public input will be taken later.

  3. Do you think there going to finish this year for the apartments

  4. When is your next update for the apartment??

  5. When is your next update it's been 2 months already ...