Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Silver Spring construction update: Taylor Gourmet (Photos)

Progress continues at the long-awaited Taylor Gourmet, located at 8535 Fenton Street in downtown Silver Spring. 


  1. High end fancy Subway with better décor and higher prices = fail. Are any of these companies doing research on the demographic makeup up of DTSS before they sign the lease for these properties. It would appear not.

    1. DTSS doesn't like hoggies? Says who? They're a bit of a hidden location compared to the ~20 other fast casual options within 100 yards, is the only problem.

    2. I live in DTSS and I'm looking forward to Taylor opening.

      I eat at the one in Bethesda all the time. It'll be tough for them to compete considering there's a JJ, Subway, and a Potbelly's within spitting distance.