Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Arcing insulator at Wheaton Metro station

Update 9:20 AM: Firefighters are leaving the scene. MCFRS spokesperson says the incident is now an "ongoing maintenance issue" for Metro

More evidence that WMATA's "surge" repair gimmick has utterly failed: Firefighters are right now responding to an arcing insulator incident at the Wheaton Metro station, just as they have regularly along the Red Line prior to the "surge."

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue spokesperson Pete Piringer says a WMATA emergency response team is also en route to the scene. Trains are already single-tracking between Wheaton and Forest Glen.


  1. I'm sorry, but are you being purposefully obtuse? Wheaton hasn't been involved in any of the Safetrack surges, yet. If anything, you're just proving the need for continuing the repair work, not that the repair work has been ineffective.

    1. 9:58: Bethesda station was involved in Safe Track and firefighters are regularly responding to this same issue there. The surge has failed.

    2. That is blatantly inaccurate. Safetrack has taken place at the following locations along the Red Line since it began:
      August 1 - 7, Takoma to Silver Spring
      August 9 - 21, Shady Grove to Twinbrook
      October 29 - November 22, Fort Totten to NoMa

      For once can you just stop spreading complete B.S.?

    3. 5:20: Wrong again. There has been single tracking and reduced service at Bethesda during the "surge." Now, if you're telling us WMATA lied, and wasn't actually doing maintenance during those Bethesda shutdowns, then you're only bolstering my argument that the whole thing was a PR sham.

      While you're defending Metro's incompetent leadership, do you want to put a good word in for Barwood cab and the cable company, too? You're very much in the minority of public opinion.

      In the mind of the MoCo political cartel, facts are "complete B.S."

    4. How dumb do you think people are? Everyone has the internet, Robert. We know for a fact Bethesda (and Wheaton) haven't been included in any phase of Safetrack thus far - period. https://www.wmata.com/service/SafeTrack.cfm

      Why are you incapable of either 1. educating yourself before talking or 2. admitting that you're wrong when clear evidence is provided to you? It's honestly sad to watch you repeatedly act like a child, stomping your feet and shouting "la la la" when people prove that you're wrong. Barwood cab? Wtf are you even talking about? What a pathetic attempt at misdirection. I honestly feel stupider after talking to you.

    5. How dumb do YOU think people are? There has been single tracking repeatedly at the Bethesda station. And the surge work is not limited to stations that closed for extended periods. Reduced hours and single-tracking have been used supposedly to perform maintenance. Now you're telling us WMATA lied to the public? Arcing insulator fires were one of the primary reasons for the surge! And yet they are still happening at Bethesda, Wheaton and elsewhere.

      Barwood cab? Yes. You seem to find excellence in organizations where 99.9% of the public finds incompetence. So while defending Metro's leadership, why not tout the wonders of Barwood and Comcast, among other "popular" entities?

      No "misdirection," and absolutely on-point.

    6. I've been following the discussion, but what is the Barwood reference?
      Mr Dyer, you were the one to mention it in the first place and now you're using it against the other commenter. It doesn't make any sense. What does it have to do with WMATA? What am I missing?

    7. What does regular night/weekend maintenance have to do with Safetrack? You realize they aren't the same thing, right, Dyer? "Sad!"

    8. 10:48: It is a very relevant reference to a debate in which the commenter is defending the poor performance of an organization that is extremely unpopular with the public.

    9. 3:24: Single-tracking has been very much a part of the surge.

  2. Dyer @ 10:41 PM -

    "Single-tracking has been very much a part of the surge."

    You just committed the logical fallacy of "affirming the consequent".

    The fact that there was single-tracking does not mean that a given track maintenance project was part of the SafeTrack "Surge".

    The list on the WMATA site to which @ 2:02 AM linked speaks for itself.

    I don't understand your utter inability to ever admit that you are wrong, piling on even more logical fallacies and irrelevancies, even on the most trivial of points. You just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper, and making a bigger and bigger fool of yourself in the process.

    Not the mark of a true journalist.

  3. You understand how bad you're making yourself look, right Dyer? There's nothing bad about simply admitting when you're wrong.

  4. 10:52: You mean like the "journalists" at the small and slightly-failing magazine who plagiarize my articles without attribution? Psh. I'm the only real journalist in the County right now holding anybody accountable other than Bill Turque.

    If you're going to claim no surge repairs have been made at either Bethesda or Wheaton - wow - that is stunning news. And simply makes the original point of this article - we were lied to by Metro.

    Why would I admit to being wrong when I'm right? Blasting WMATA incompetence is indeed the "mark of a true journalist," instead of being a hack apologist for the idiots in the leadership positions there and at the County Council.

    That's why this site keeps growing - people are seeking the real news, not fake news. And why your guys have to keep funding these little hobby blogs in a failed attempt to drown out the hard-hitting message being delivered by East MoCo. Cash me outside, how bou dat?