Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Seating, soda installed at Taylor Gourment in Silver Spring (Photos)

The seats are in place inside the soon-to-open Taylor Gourmet in downtown Silver Spring, as is the Puck's Soda dispenser. Taylor Gourmet says they aren't announcing the opening date yet, but it should be very soon. Just in time for the new Spring menu, which includes the Messi hoagie with Citrus-Braised Pork, Green Onion Chimichurri, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresno Chili, Baby Spinach, and Pickled Red Onions.

There's the Puck's Soda
dispenser at the rear of this
photo to the left (teal label)


  1. In ten days you've had ten articles carbon-copied from your Bethesda blog, and only two that are "hyper-local" to "EastMoCo". What's the point of having a separate blog? Seems like it would be better to just publish your weekly EastMoCo-specific stories on your Bethesda blog instead.

    1. 7:25: The Rockville HS rape story is a countywide MCPS issue, not to mention that one of the accused rapists is an Aspen Hill resident. Parents countywide are concerned about the lack of safety in MCPS, and the poor response of the super to this incident. Attendees at Sunday's rally were from all over the county, not just Rockville.

      The beauty of Suburban News Network is that, as SS Penguin said below, not only does each site cover hyperlocal news for a specific area, but also stories that apply to the whole county.

      Prior to the rape crisis that has demanded extensive coverage, virtually every day has been East MoCo-specific coverage. So I don't know where you get this idea of a "weekly East MoCo-specific story." That sounds like the small and slightly-failing magazine that tries to cover the whole county, and does it quiet poorly. Perhaps your criticisms are best directed there, although it sounds like you're carrying water for them.

      Their carpetbagger staff doesn't know the East County because unlike me, they haven't lived in MoCo for their whole lives.

    2. Did you hear about Manny and Olga's opening in Wheaton on the magazine's site? The Regal Majestic installing recliners? Burtonsville public hearing? No, no and no.

      East MoCo is the leading source for news about eastern Montgomery County. You've posted this same criticism on my Rockville site, and are clearly the same troll trying to lash out at my success. Thrash about if you must, but typing a comment doesn't make it true.

  2. It makes sense to have a blog channel for each local community.
    Some stories are of countywide interest, most others are not.

    For example, someone in Bethesda doesn't really care about a neighborhood grocery store opening in Twinbrook or Silver Spring.
    However, people who live there are very interested.

  3. Different blog, same unsigned Dyer posting under a cutesy "hyperlocal" sockpuppet.

  4. Friends of DTSS, Bull Sht mumbo jumbo coming from a Maryland hating communist claiming to represent DTSS. It would just eat you up at the thaught of DTSS looking like VA's Pentagon City or Tysons Corner.....