Friday, March 17, 2017

Wheaton Plaza JC Penney spared the axe in latest round of closures

JC Penney has just this morning released a list of the 138 stores it plans to close. Wheaton Plaza is not on the list, despite rumors to the contrary. The company has not ruled out further closures if the first liquidation doesn't turn around the retailer's struggling performance. For now, one store in Maryland will be closed, and that is in Easton.


  1. Odd that you would see that "rumor" on a website in a remote rural area of far northern California. You just happened to be reading that site when you saw that story, right?

    Are you sure you didn't see that story much closer to home?

    1. No, unless you count Business Insider as being "close to home." If there's anybody "closer to home" who claimed JC Penney was closing, I doubt they'd want their embarrassingly wrong prediction publicized any further.

      Fortunately, East MoCo was first to report the real news - JC Penney is here to stay in Wheaton.