Monday, April 3, 2017

Dominic's Italian Grille for sale in Silver Spring

Dominic's Italian Grille, a popular restaurant in the Colesville area of Silver Spring, is for sale. The asking price, according to an online listing, is $250,000. In return you get the business, the liquor license transfer, and all of the equipment. 

Dominic's has been here since 1949 - very impressive in a business where 50% of restaurants fail in their first year. The restaurant is located at 12854 New Hampshire Avenue.


  1. The restaurant may have been there since 1949 but it wasn't Dominic's. I remember it being Big Ed's then sold to my friends father and named New Hampshire Ave Pizza before he changed the name to Velencia's back in the 70's, he also leased the adjacent store and created the dining room. Bottom line is Dominic's has not been there since 1949!

    1. I thought it was Gus's in the seventys

  2. I remember Big Ed's as well! I grew up on Springloch Rd and my brothers and I used to walk there. We are now on Two Farm with our four kids.

    Another point regarding restaurants in Colesville: Does anyone know if Pollo Mex is to acquire the space left by Little Caesar's? I called and spoke to the manager (probably about a month ago) and explained to him the food is good, however the premises are too small. I inquired as to whether they were interested in expanding. He replied that they are "looking into it".

  3. Rob should go into the pizzeria biz ....


  5. A total dump with a landlord from hell for 250K? 95K would be too much for all the work that needs to be done. The most valuable part of a business is the customer base which, sadly, is mostly gone.

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