Wednesday, April 19, 2017

La Madeleine closes in Silver Spring (Photos)

La Madeleine has said au revoir to downtown Silver Spring. The country French cafe has closed its doors permanently at 8435 Georgia Avenue. They still have locations in downtown Bethesda, and in North Bethesda at Pike & Rose, but this leaves a major hole for Francophiles like myself in downtown Silver Spring. Your best and closest bets at this point are Fenton Cafe, and La Ferme on Brookville Road.


  1. Huh, kinda surprising as it seemed to do decent business. SS was a trial location for their new casual/modern concept, so maybe they decided to scrap the idea.

    Hopefully something moves in relatively soon - sucks that they closed right when their nice outdoor space became usable for the year!

  2. FYI if you haven't seen, Robert, across the street from this (old Office Depot space) there are permits up and Peterson Co. lists the space as "coming soon." No idea what's going in, but figured you'd have a better shot at figuring it out. It's a ~11K sqft space, so it'll hopefully be something decently interesting/important.

  3. Maybe another uninspired mattress direct store or a temporary Halloween store. Silver spring, losing its soul to lowest common denominator developer logic.

    1. Why/how would a mattress store afford Peterson Co. rents? You realize DTSS has added exactly 1 mattress store in 30 years, right? If you don't think retail offerings are more interesting than 10, 20, 30 years ago then you haven't been living here very long.