Monday, April 17, 2017

Pollo Campero coming to downtown Silver Spring (Photos)

The sign is up at the future Pollo Campero in downtown Silver Spring. Talk about "location, location, location:" Pollo Campero will be right next to The Fillmore on Colesville Road. A peek inside says there is still a long way to go on the interior build-out here.

Dallas-based Pollo Campero was founded in Guatemala in 1971, and boasts that it offers "authentic Latin chicken." The chain currently has a Wheaton location, as well. If they stay open late enough, they could make a killing on folks leaving concerts next door.


  1. Seems like we're in a cycle of plus and minus. Get a restaurant, lose a restaurant. We can add La Madeleine to the list of closed restaurants. Unfortunate, as I thought it a good one.

  2. Good addition. That storefront has been vacant for awhile.

    1. Agreed. Welcome addition!

  3. We also, obviously, have one in Langley Park on University.